Preparing your Roehampton Home for Viewings

Preparing your Roehampton Home for Viewings

28 August 2014

Have you decided to put your home in Roehampton on the market, and look for a new property?  Then you need to start thinking about getting your home looking its best for all the viewings you are going to be having on it.
Here are some things that you should consider:

•    The front of your house: as someone approaches your home, the front garden and the front of the house is what gives them their first impression of the property, and you want this to be a good one.  Therefore spend a little bit of tie tidying up the garden, cut the grass, de-weed, trim bushes and hedges, and clean any pathways or driveways.  Consider adding some nice features to your front garden such as some brightly coloured flowers.  Look at the front of your property and consider how you can improve it, could the windows do with a clean? Does the guttering need cleaning out? Could the front door do with a new paint job? On the day of any viewings, go out the front and make sure there is nothing unsightly in your garden, things like animal faeces and litter that has blown into your garden from down the road, should be removed.

•    De-clutter your entire home, the kitchen, living areas and bedrooms all should be clutter free. While you are de-cluttering consider packing away personal items, things like family photographs, certificates etc.  anything that will remind a buyer that they are in someone else’s home, instead of letting them picture themselves living in the house.

•    Clean the entire house from top to bottom, this includes skirting boards, ceilings, light fixtures, light switches, doors and frame, windows and sills.
o    The kitchen:  this is the one place in your home that should be completely clean and immaculate.  Therefore clean all your surfaces and floors prior to each  viewing. Wipe down all of your appliances, the small things like your kettle, the toaster, microwave etc. and also the big things, like your washing machine and in particular the cooker and fridge. Make sure everything is stored away, leave as little clutter on the work surfaces as is possible.  When you are expecting a viewing, refrain from putting on anything that is noisy, like the washing machine, as this is an unwelcoming and unpleasant noise.
o    The living room and dining room:  Clean all of the floors and surfaces prior to each viewing, tidy away things like magazines, toys and pet things and keep the space as clutter free as possible.  Arrange the coffee table with coasters and perhaps fresh flowers and ensure the room is a nice temperature.
o    Bathroom: clean the bathroom thoroughly, ensure the toilet, bath, shower, sink, tiles, grouting, taps…everything in fact, is spotlessly clean. Replace towels with fresh one and hang them up, if you are using more than one towel make sure they all match.
o    Bedrooms: make all the beds with fresh linen and completely de-clutter, hiding away all of your personal belongings.

•    When you are expecting a viewing on your property, open all of the curtains and blinds in your home and let as much natural light in as possible.  Open the windows and let some fresh air in, this will help to remove any odours in the house that you may not be aware of.  Make sure your home smells pleasant, and is warm and welcoming.

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