The Pros and Cons of Hiring NW3 Self Storage

The Pros and Cons of Hiring NW3 Self Storage

28 August 2014

If you’ve received an undeniable offer on your home and had to accept, or your moving dates haven’t quite fitted into synchronicity, you may have to consider NW3 self storage. You could also be looking to clear up the clutter of your house to give it more appeal to potential buyers who may not be able to see through your many possessions to witness the potential of your property. Whatever the reasons, storage is always an option that is available to you and should be considered carefully before going into use.

The benefits on the front of the idea are numerous. Many NW3 storage companies will offer immediate NW3 storage spaces, with no long term commitment; you can pay by the week, month or more specific time to cater to your individual needs. Many will want seven days notice so if your moved is stalled and then quickly goes ahead, you may well have to pay for a few extra days storage because of this clause. However, access is unlikely to be an issue as many storage locker companies will offer seven days a week access so that your moving day can be at your convenience.

Luckily, the precautions taken to protect items in storage are vast. This makes it very unlikely that you are going to be the victim of any disaster. Many of the larger storage companies will have comprehensive CCTV, alarms and electronic and physical locks protecting your belongings. However, though many boast smoke detectors and fire alarms, an alarm in reality does very little to protect your things in the case of a fire. Although flammable goods aren’t allowed in storage lockers for this reason, the reality is that you can’t accommodate for other people’s short sightedness or lack of thought and ultimately (through fire, flooding or smell) this could damage your goods.

If you have heavy items to move, many storage companies will either have professional assistants to help you place them in your storage locker, and some even hire out fork lift trucks and trolleys that will assist you in making sure everything gets put down safely in your new locker. However, this doesn’t make the journey from your home to the van at the beginning of your journey! If you’re able and want to hire a forklift truck at the end of the journey, you will have to think carefully about how to move the items you want to store to your car or van in the first place. What may be advertised as a simple and convenient solution could indeed cause more problems than it is worth.

Many storage solution companies will offer comprehensive insurance for any damages that occur to your goods. This will offer you peace of mind, and if the worst happens will cover some of the expense of replacing your items. It will also motivate the employees of the storage company to provide the optimum service for you to avoid paying these costs. However, many items that go into storage have a personal value, if not an inherent one. This can be very hard to claim on insurance and such items as photos or memorabilia will be close to impossible to replace. In this case, insurance can mean very little.

You also have to be wary that there is a long list of banned substances that you aren’t allowed to take into storage. This includes some more obvious things such as waste, toxic goods and radioactive materials but can also cover food that is perishable, plants and cash. Also, certain toiletries and garden goods could easily fall under flammable or toxic goods, which then may in turn void your insurance. They can offer an easy solution, but you have to be careful with what you are paying for.

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