Moving house or work spaces is an exciting yet hectic time for most, even if we are relocating by choice and are looking forward to arriving at our new commercial or domestic environment, the small issue of packing may be already keeping you up all night. But you shouldn’t let packing up get to you or stress you out, with the write tips and knowledge; you will be able to pack up all of the items in your home or office in half the time it would have taken you and in a more organised manner too! You don’t have to and shouldn’t dread your packing, but you should take time to plan carefully and devise a method to pack up your belongings in the most ordered and convenient way that you can.

Where to start…?

The hardest part of packing up is actually starting the job, because after that it does get easier even if that might seem unimaginable right now. First, you must have an idea of what items you are going to move with you and so therefore will need to be packed up. When you are clear on the amount of items, you can then sort through any items that you no longer want, need or those which you may have forgotten about, as this will save you time packing them if they are no use to you.

Step 2 – Buying the right materials for the job

Check with your removals company about whether or not they can supply you with packing supplies, as this is a sure way to guarantee that they are of high quality and are right for the job. As for purchasing packing supplies, carefully consider the type of products that you will need to pack up your items safely and sufficiently. If your load of items includes a lot of fragile pieces, then obviously you will require a fair bit of wrapping and padding products so that your breakables will not get damaged during the move. On the other hand, if your belongings are all quite large in size or heavy, then you will have to buy the correct sized boxes to hold which are suitable for holding your things.

Step 3 – Plan with care

Even once you have purchased your packing materials, you shouldn’t just start throwing your things in to boxes without any organisation or planning, not unless of course all of your belongings are easily able to fit in just one box and even then this can be problematic. Plan which of your items you will put in each box and how you can organise them, so that it makes unpacking and ordering your belongings at the other end, a whole lot easier.

Step 4 – Start wrapping, packing and boxing

Once you have your packing supplies and your list, you can start packing. Make sure you stick to your packing plan so that items are kept in order and are not packed anyhow. Carefully wrap your breakable items with bubble wrap or wrapping materials a few times if necessary to ensure that they are not at risk of getting damaged when they are relocated. Don’t overload your boxes with heavy items and always reinforce any box that is being used to hold heavier items such as books etc.

And, finally…
Label your boxes, bags and envelopes with labels so that you know what is inside each of them. You may also choose to wrap each box or just certain boxes in cellophane, which is recommended by the experts so as to keep your boxes clean, dry and to make them extra secure.

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