How to Pack your Valuables for a Clapham Move

How to Pack your Valuables for a Clapham Move

28 August 2014

When packing for your move to Clapham, there are a number of things you can do to make sure that especially valuable items don’t end up broken or damaged by yourself or your Clapham movers. While storage in the SW4 area is always an option, if you only have a small number of valuables, this can quickly become expensive. There are some things you can do to make sure that valuables will reach their destination in one piece without breaking the bank.

Pack valuable separately

If they are not in everyday use, then you can begin to separate and pack your valuables ahead of your move and store them somewhere safe until they need to be loaded into a removal vehicle. This way they will not be at risk of getting damaged or having other things packed on top of them as you approach the move. Either way, make sure that all valuables and the boxes you intent to pack them in are in a place well out the way of everything else, to avoid them getting mixed up with any other items.

Labelling valuable boxes

Before you pack any valuables, make sure the boxes you are using for them are strong and secure, and clearly labelled with fragile warnings. To make them stand out against your other items, try using different labels or marker colours when labelling the boxes. This can avoid any confusion when the packing starts, and save your delicate items from getting packed under something heavy.

Packing the valuables

When actually packing your valuable boxes, always pack the heaviest and bulkiest items first, followed by the lighter and smaller ones. The smaller items can be used to fill any gaps, and keep everything from shaking about in the box during travel. Use rolled up scrap paper or bubble wrap if you have it, to further fill any gaps. Ideally, everything should be packed tightly together with lots of cushioning from the paper/bubble wrap. Try to make layers if possible, building up from the heavier bottom layer while placing your paper/bubble wrap as a buffer between each layer. It can be worth the investment to get hold of specialist packing boxes for certain items, like glasses for example. These are available online or possibly from your removal company. When taping the boxes up, make sure everything is as secure as it can be, and reinforce the frame of the box by taping the edges. This will help hold the box together in the event it gets dropped or has something stacked on it by mistake.

Packing in the van

If possible, keep your valuables out of the removal van, and take them yourself. If this is not possible, then make sure you clearly instruct the removal company about your valuables. If packing yourself, find spots where they are secure and can’t move. Often, it’s best to pack your valuable last, and try to fit them in the nooks and crannies, or ideally between soft items like bedding or mattresses where they will be protected.


Sometimes no matter how careful you or your moving company is, things will get broken. If this happens, you don’t want to be uninsured, as it could be difficult and expensive to replace valuable items. Make sure everything is insured, and check with your removal company about what insurance options they have.

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