Moving House Temporarily – Take Advantage of Storage Solutions Kensington

Moving House Temporarily – Take Advantage of Storage Solutions Kensington

28 August 2014

It may not be the first thought when thinking of the storage industry, but the market is extremely competitive. In such a stressful time, the security and numerous benefits self storage and renting storage spaces can offer can provide a much needed peace of mind. You could be moving temporarily to Kensington for a number of reasons, it could be a temporary or short term work contract, a trial move or perhaps you received an offer you couldn’t refuse and haven’t quite found your dream home, and in any of these cases it makes sense financially to downscale for a short period. The options for storage help you achieve this, and there are many benefits of using storage Kensington.

Firstly, it is important to know how safe your goods are when they are in storage. Many companies offer a vast array of security measures to ensure maximum safety for your possessions. This will include security cameras and CCTV, patrols of the area, smoke detectors and fire alarms, alarmed storage units as well as electronic and physical keys. Many even have phones in each corridor to make sure you can contact someone should you see something array. Furthermore, there is a list of banned substances such as toxic substances which will cut down the likelihood of anyone else’s storage locker inadvertently damaging yours or your goods. If this isn’t enough, many storage companies will also provide a comprehensive insurance policy that will look to financially reimburse you if the worst should happen. Ultimately the business has been made as low risk as is humanly possible to ensure maximum peace of mind and customer satisfaction, making this a very safe and stable option (especially when compared to storing at a friend’s house).

Financially speaking, the Kensington storage lockers will vary in price dependent on how much space you will need. However, if you are able to give an accurate estimation of the amount of space you will need, you will undoubtedly be saving money. If you feel that you don’t need all of your belongings it will almost always be cheaper to downscale your place of residence to purchase extra square footage of storage rather than looking for a larger place for the sole purpose of keeping all of your, perhaps unnecessary, things in your house.

As well as being incredibly secure and making financial sense if living in a place for a short period of time, the service is also incredibly convenient. Services will go out of their way to help you. Many storage units themselves will offer an extensive range of packaging materials including the boxes themselves, but also bubble wrap, Styrofoam nuggets and tape to help you pack up your stuff before putting it in the storage boxes. Many companies will also offer discount van hire from a local company, and some will be able to send a van out for you! Beyond this, unloading your goods once you get to the locker shouldn’t be an issue, as there are often helping hands about if you ask nicely.

Beyond this, opening hours are often very flexible (to allow for early morning moves) because the maintenance of such a place requires very little man power. This means you can access your things 7 days a week and most hours of the working day (and a little either side) in case there is something you accidentally packed or want to get out. Also, there isn’t a long term commitment, but usually just a short notice period required before you leave the W8 storage unit. These places are built to service you, and they do an excellent job of it, too.

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