The House Move to EC2 Area – the After Move Stage with Children

The House Move to EC2 Area – the After Move Stage with Children

28 August 2014

Moving house is indeed nothing that special in the 21st century. People are more mobile than ever and it’s completely normal to be willing to relocate your entire family because of a good job opportunity or a better place for living. Of course just because house moves happen on a daily basis, this doesn’t make them any less stressful. A house move is still a huge step and hides many risks. When moving on your own, it’s you who’s making all the important decisions and more or less you know that the effects of the move will affect you mostly. However, when you have to move along with your spouse and children, things get a little tougher for everyone. It’s extremely hard to explain to a child why the family has to move. It’s like turning their life upside down. The child needs to feel safe and the moving process doesn’t give a sense of safety.

The parent, while worried about the budget and the logistics of the move, often can’t find the time to help the child deal with their emotions. This is a critical point, but the hardest part begins after the house move. In the middle of the unpacking and arranging the new house children often feel rather misplaced and useless. Once the move is complete the situation is certain and the child knows that they can’t do anything about it. It’s normal for the child to be moody and even change their usual routine. The role of the parent in this is to help the child settle down properly and to point out all the benefits of the relocation. Moving to London is an opportunity for the whole family to have a better life, full of new chances – both for work and education.

Moreover, London is one of the busiest and best cities when it comes to entertainment. There is always something to do in London and you can use this to your advantage. Winning back your children’s trust is essential during the after-move stage. Don’t just focus on unpacking and turning the house into a real home; talk to your children and discuss the home design and arrangements with them. Giving them the freedom to choose the colours for their rooms, as well as the arrangement of the furniture will give them a sense of purpose and stir their imagination. Make sure you take the time to explore the new neighborhood together. Go to a restaurant, see a movie and check out the parks in your area. Before they go back to school take them to meet their new teachers.

It’s extremely difficult for a child to adapt to this huge change – a new school, new teachers, new commuting routine and last, but not least, new friends. This is usually the toughest thing, especially for teenagers who are strongly attached to their friends. Your role as a parent is to be understanding and accept that your child might need between a few weeks and up to a few months to completely adjust to the changes and accept the new location.

Your children will get used to the new home and the city faster than you think, so don’t worry too much, but be their friend throughout this tough time. And after all the area of EC2 in London is located at Hackney and the City – one of the finest areas in the city.

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