Things to Remember when Moving to Shoreditch

Things to Remember when Moving to Shoreditch

28 August 2014

When you’re thinking about moving apartment, make sure you’re ready for the enormous hassle that moving entails! It can be a stressful time in your life, so get to grips with our hints and tips and you’ll not go far wrong!

Choose the right removal team for you, as there are so many to choose from, that going for the first one you come across is unlikely to be the best course of action. Shop around a bit and get a real idea of what you need from your team, and what others will offer you. If you feel like one company offers what you want, but you can’t really justify the expenses, then don’t be afraid to haggle the price down. A bit of bartering and bargaining will not offend anyone, and you will likely be surprised to find out how much companies are able to knock off of their prices in order to get ahead from the competition! Read all of the fine print in your contract, and read the terms of the British Association or Removers, to get an idea of the kinds of standards you should be expecting from your removals men. Getting in depth with the terms and conditions will also protect you from being duped into paying extra charges for things that you didn’t expect, like overtime fees and overweight boxes. Discuss these things with the company before hand and make sure that you won’t be caught out at the last minute! Keep a good eye on the team while they are working and be sure to note down their arrival time and what time they finish, including how long they break for lunch. This will aid in preventing any unfair extra costs, should the job take longer than you are prepared to pay for.

Get your Shoreditch move started early in the day, so that with the loading time taken into consideration, you are traveling during the middle of the day, avoiding rush hour traffic. If possible, it is best to move at the weekend, when the roads are the quietest, however, be sure to avoid the beginnings and ends of bank holidays, or half term breaks from school, as these days will often be horrendous for traffic on the motorways, with everyone in the country trying to escape their homes for a short break!

Be clever with labeling boxes, as it will speed up your move considerably. Putting a rough inventory on the side of each box will also prevent upset when it comes to needing an item quickly, and avoid having to open any extra boxes while searching! Give your movers a set of instructions and a plan of the new house. Label each room in the new house as to what room it is according to the boxes. This way you can avoid moving boxes all over the house to their appropriate rooms when you have started unpacking. Mark out where all of the heavy items go on the plan of the house to prevent the removal team constantly asking you questions as to where things go. It will also prevent you having to do any heavy lifting to re-arrange things when they are gone. Be sure to return your boxes to wherever you got them from, or recycle them if you can. If you have space then the best thing to do is save the old boxes, as they will undoubtedly be very useful when you next move, especially now that you know that you have the exact amount needed to transport everything in the house!

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