Making An Eco-Friendly House Removal

Making An Eco-Friendly House Removal

28Nov 2014

All along we have been talking about how moving house is a stressful process, but we forget that the stress affects not only us, but also the planet. A normal house move will generate electronic and landfill waste from de-cluttering your house, not to mention the pollution caused by heavy goods vehicle emissions that you will use during transport and the amount of discarded packing material that becomes waste after you are done unpacking. Any moving company committed to environmental sustainability will try their best to reduce their unsustainable behaviour but there is much you can do yourself during the house move to make sure that you minimize the impact your move has on the environment. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.1.    Recycle boxesInstead of ordering new boxes as part of your packaging and removals service, re-use cartons and packing boxes from grocery stores or supermarkets. As long as they are robust and in good condition, they should do well for your move. You can even reinforce them with the help of some sturdy packing tape. 2.    Choose boxes of the same sizeChoosing boxes that are of the same shape and size, preferably small, ensures that you can stack them one on top of the other. This way you can maximise the space you are using the van by packing them efficiently; which means that you will probably not need another bigger, carbon belching goods removal van or have to make multiple trips to and fro between your two homes because you couldn’t carry everything with you at once.3.    Use your own belongings as packing materialInstead of using plastic bubble wrap and packing nuts that is only going to create more removal waste, use household articles such as old clothes, old newspapers, blankets, duvets, pillows, sweaters etc. as packing material to wrap, pack and pad your fragile and breakable items and prevent them from breaking or being damaged during moving and handling. You will be moving these items anyway, so there is no better way of economizing the space within your boxes than using them as packing material. 4.    De-clutter before you moveWhen you are sorting through your belongings, don’t be tempted in carrying stuff along with you that is only going to end up in storage again in your new house. Give away, sell or recycle things that you don’t find use for often. The more stuff you carry, the bigger vehicle you will need or the more number of trips you will need to make. Either way, it translates to more carbon emissions. If you have less volume of stuff to move, you can use a moving man that is more economically supportive.5.    Use cratesMany people might not be aware of this, but most house movers provide plastic crates to help store and move your stuff. These crates are made of plastic, sturdy, re-useable and available in all shapes and sizes. You can hire them for cheap and because they are recyclable, you don’t have to deal with how to dispose them. This makes them a positively better option than cardboard boxes. 6.    Choose a green removal companyWhen choosing a removals service, make sure you inquire about the company’s environmental policies. This will include considerations such as recycling packing materials, using small, well maintained vehicles with low carbon emission, good route plans etc. Good removal companies will balance an efficient and secure customer service with a minimum carbon footprint on each move.

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