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Packing Supplies: The Most Important Things to Buy When Moving House

Packing Supplies: The Most Important Things to Buy When Moving House

04Nov 2014

Moving house is always an exhilarating experience and it always comes with lots of trouble, but having the right supplies, a good team of professionals and a good plan on your side can really downplay all the “mess” that comes with such an event in one’s life. Packing supplies are actually much more important than you even believe and they can sometimes make the difference between an organized move and a really messy one. Even more than that, they can make the difference between broken items and things that get to their destination in one piece.Which are the main packing supplies you will need? We have made a list of the most important things you should know about this  –  including what are those you should definitely  not forget to stock up on. Start buying these supplies about one month before the moving date to make sure that you have them ready by the time you start packing the things you don’t use very often. 1.    Boxes are the very foundation of moving and you should always make sure to stock up on plenty of them. Before you buy them though, take a quick look around and estimate how many of them you will need. Even more than that, estimate how many of each size you will need. If you have electronics for which you don’t have the original boxes any longer, always make sure you measure them and make sure you buy boxes that are only a bit larger than the equipment itself. 2.    When buying boxes (or any kind of supplies for the moving house “operation”), make sure you take your time. If you are running on a small budget, searching the Internet for the best offer is your best bet. Also, keep in mind that you may get at least some of the boxes from grocery stores that always have plenty of them lying around without much use. You could get them very cheap – or even free – this way! 3.    Bubble wrap is also extremely important, especially for those fragile items in your household. You will need it especially for glassware, antique and a good part of the electronics as well. When packing electronics, always remember that you need antistatic bubble wrap (or packing paper) because otherwise these items may end up being non-functional. 4.    Packing paper is very important too. Generally, people will go with the cheapest alternative – newspapers. However, this is not the most “time-friendly” option because it can also mean that you will have to clean many of the items wrapped in newspaper once you get to the destination. Also, keep in mind that packing paper is not used for packing only and that it can be used for cushioning the spaces between the items in one box too.5.    Garbage bags. Get some sturdy garbage bags too. Cushions, bed linens and lots of similar items can go in there and they can provide cushioning for the space between the boxes in the moving company truck. 6.    Labels. Coloured labels can really save you a lot of time when it comes to unpacking. Get small ones, round ones and larger ones as well and make sure you get different colours. Use the small ones on small items, the large ones on boxes and the small round ones to cover for the outputs of your electronic items (with these, also remember to use the same colour with the cord that goes into the output too). If you feel that you are running out of colours, make sure to use numbers to distinguish everything. Some of the moving companies will provide you with these labels too. 7.    Packing tape and scissors . Get resistant packing tape and some good scissors and make sure you keep them with you both when packing and when unpacking (safely put them in your handbag or in the luggage you will open first).

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